Royal Australian Mint issuing AC/DC coin set


The Royal Australian Mint is releasing a special coin set celebrating six of AC/DC’s album anniversaries.

Among them is Back In Black which turned 40 in July, and with estimated global sales of 60 million is among the most commercially successful of rock albums.

Also celebrating anniversaries this year are High Voltage and TNT (45 years), Fly On The Wall (35 years), The Razors Edge (30 years) and Stiff Upper Lip (20 years).

This is the second coin release celebrating Akka-Dakka, and will go out on October 6.

In 2018, the Mint partnered with Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre to strike its AC/DC coins with a bolt of man-made lightning.

The experiment was conducted in the Caged Lightning exhibition at Questacon, which produces lightning using a Tesla coil. 

Ten AC/DC 50 cent pieces, featuring the high voltage logos and design elements from AC/DC albums, were ‘Thunderstruck’ with 3,500,000 volts of lightning.

The second coin was the Mint’s first ever nickel plated coin. Not only black, its detailed design is minted on a triangular blank to resemble a guitar pick. 

“AC/DC is famous for their electrifying energy,” Mint CEO Ross MacDiarmid said at the time.

“It’s in their music, the titles of some of their songs, even their insignia.

“The Mint thought that such an iconic band deserved high voltage coins and an electrifying launch to match.

“We weren’t sure what effect the lightning would have on the coins, but we discovered that because the coins are such excellent conductors of electricity, the lightning’s mark is only visible under magnification.”

The coins were officially licensed AC/DC merchandise and available from the Mint’s online store at

The October 2020 coin set comes at a time when it’s widely speculated that a long-awaited album will drop by the end of the year.

AC/DC fan sites excitedly pointed to new photos of the latest lineup being posted – and then quickly pulled off – on the band’s official site.

They were apparently from a video shoot in February in the Netherlands, which features drummer Phil Rudd and guitarist Stevie Young together onstage for the first time.